1- Digitalized customers from paper works to digital process by Office 365.

2- Migrated customers from Mdaemon email systems to Office 365.

3-Consulted customers to upgrade their legacy Wifi to use cloud controllers and applied Office 365 to modernize their processes.

4- Advised and consulted customers to migrate Office 365 to enhance business in sale managements .

5- Migrated customers Active Directory on-premise systems to Azure AD and applied with Office 365.

6-Migrated customer server systems on on-premise to IaaS by Azure Virtual Machine.

7- Designed and deployed customers local Active Directory for 2 logical sites in SG and HN which are connected by VPN .

8- Deployed local backup and restore solution by NAS to customers .

9- Built a application Active Directory on NAS for customer.

10- Infrastructure projects such as : high end cameras, cabling…

11- IT hardware and software distributions such as : CSP, licensing, hardware …

and so on … 🙂 .