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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

How to backup and restore VM in Azure?

In this lab, i will show you all the Backup and Restore processes for VM (Virtual Machine).  1- In Virtual Machine dashboard, I have 2 VMs at the moment as following : vnmsrvweb01 and vnmsrvweb02 2- We need to create… Continue Reading →

How to deploy Office 365 with online services ?

We are talking much about cloud services but if there is no any posts about Office 365. That will be a big gap on this page. So let start a trial for our studying. After registering the trial license with… Continue Reading →

Change Alternate UPN Suffix to domain to Office 365 (Use Active Directory Domains & Trust)   2.Change UPN Suffix for users that need to be synchronized to Office 365 Method 1: Changed by AD Users & Computers   Method 2:… Continue Reading →

Migration Active Directory on-premises to Azure Active Directory

How to migrate Active Directory on-premise to Azure Active Directory ? Now i have 2 domains : itguy.com ( on-premises ) and toidilencloud.com ( Public domain) as following : In this scenario, we have to migrate all local users to… Continue Reading →

How to transfer the default Azure subscription to Azure AD account ?

Hi guys, as my  promise to you all about the next topic, I will show you how to transfer the default Azure subscription to Azure AD account. In this scenario, for example: we have a default email account to register… Continue Reading →

Azure Active Directory

1.Introduction In this scenario, I want to introduce to you all about the Azure Active Directory ( Azure AD). As I know many of you have been working with Windows Server and Active Directory (On Premises). And now, we are… Continue Reading →


  FRANKFURT (Reuters) – Microsoft is opening two cloud data centers in Germany at a cost running to more than 100 million euros ($120 million), two news publications reported on Tuesday, citing industry sources. The data centers would allow customers… Continue Reading →


  MIGRATE ACTIVE DIRECTORY WINDOWS SERVER 2008 TO WINDOWS SERVER 2012 Upgrading the infrastructure to the latest version is the best way to take advantage of the new features the new OS can provide. In this article I will show… Continue Reading →

How to create VPN Vnet to Vnet

Why do you need VPN Vnet to Vnet? The concept of VNET on Azure simplely is from a network to other network such as : to And Why ? there are 2 main reasons to do this :… Continue Reading →

10 điều để đưa ra quyết định chọn nhà cung cấp dịch vụ Cloud nào

AWS hay Azure hay Google ??? Có khi nào việc lựa chọn nhà cung cấp dịch vụ Cloud làm bạn nản chí ? Với tổng doanh thu đạt tới 246.8 tỷ ( tăng 18% so với năm trước) USD trong… Continue Reading →

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