In this lab, i will show you all the Backup and Restore processes for VM (Virtual Machine). 

1- In Virtual Machine dashboard, I have 2 VMs at the moment as following : vnmsrvweb01 and vnmsrvweb02

2- We need to create a Vault to store all archived services such as : VMs, storages…, Seclect ” Recovery Services Vaults” :

3- Click “ Add” :

4- Fill these blanks , here are my selections , and click Enable Backup and wait for finishing :

As followings, we have new Vault named as “VaultForVM” in “Recovery Services vaults”:

Now I try to backup this VM “ vnmsrvweb02” then delete it. Do these steps to start backup:

5- Note your backup date, then click “OK

6- You can monitor the backup process in “Backup Jobs”, it takes you a bit long to complete the backup, so you could watch a movie and take a cup of coffee !!!

I try to access my vnmsrvweb02 before deleting it from Azure:

After finishing backup process, now we can see the backup from “Recovery Services vaults” :

7- I try to delete this VM completely from Azure and restore as following steps :

There is no more “vnmsrvweb02” in  ” Virtial Machine” :

Now, we will try to recover this VM from “Recovery Services vaults”, select the VM and Restore point in this vault to restore it :

After filling your VM information:

click Restore and wait for restoring process done!!!



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