We are talking much about cloud services but if there is no any posts about Office 365. That will be a big gap on this page. So let start a trial for our studying.

After registering the trial license with your credit card (I am trying with Office 365 Enterprise E3 for 25 users).

You all can see the licenses and expired date as following:

So in this lab, I use up the existing users from the Azure AD which is synched from the on-premises AD in the last lab. So we don’t need to create users or query how users work 😊. So with this trial license, we will have 30 days to play around.

From the Admin Center , you go to “ Active User” to grant License to which user for Office 365.

The user is able to access their 365 portal : but see nothing before having license as ( I am trying to login by u1@toidilencloud.com ) , you can see :

And grant license to u1@toidilencloud.com :

Select your “Location” and switch “on” the license E3

Note : you can allow the user to use which services by switching on or off such as : Word, Excel, Skype for Business, Team, Yamer…

After that scroll down and click “Save” to complete.

Now you go to the “Active User” and see the user u1@toidilencloud.com with E3 license :

We will try to login the user’s portal by u1@toidilencloud.com and see:

But, the office 365 is still building your: Exchange, OneDrive…, it takes several minutes therefore you have to wait until the setup completes, take a coffee and wait 😊 .

Note that, when you assign the license to a user that will take time to build services such as : OneDrive, Exchange Online… So be patient to wait.

And sometimes It takes you few hours to complete ☹ as following:

Now click to the DNS domain (toidilencloud.com). And see:

Here, we are using services online such as: Exchange Online, Skype for Business, Mobile Device Management for Office 365.

In this post, I will do for Exchange Online service. So, we have to add the MX record to your domain control panel then you are able to send or receive email.

Please add those records to “your owned public domain” as my image :

After finishing those steps, log in as u1@toidilencloud.com by https://portal.office.com or https://www.outlook.com  and try the test mail to external and internal users, you can see :

Therefore, if the business needs to use other cloud services like: Skype for Business, Mobile… You can add the records to your owned public domain as followings:

Now U1 and U2 can chat by Skype for Business.

You need to add the records to your owned domain name then it will be working later.

So in next posts, i will introduce some other functions in Office 365.

Enjoy your time with Office 365.

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