1- Microsoft acknowledges price increases coming for Office 2019 and Windows 10 Enterprise users

Microsoft will be making some pricing and naming changes as of its October 2018 price list that will affect some Windows 10 and Office 2019 customers.

2- Microsoft’s got a new plan for managing Windows 10 devices for a monthly fee

Microsoft is putting together a service aiming to take the pain out of procuring, provisioning and managing Windows 10 devices that it’s currently calling the ‘Microsoft Managed Desktop.’

3- Microsoft bangs the ‘devices as a service’ drum ahead of Windows 7’s end-of-support deadline

Windows Windows 7’s January 2020 end-of-support date looming, Microsoft is advising partners to go after migration opportunities using the DaaS approach

4- Windows 10 Enterprise for Remote Sessions: Another new Windows variant on the way

Microsoft looks to be getting closer to delivering the rumored Windows 10 ‘multi session’ remoting capability as part of a new Windows 10 Enterprise edition.

5 -Microsoft previews what’s coming in Dynamics 365 this October

Microsoft is adding more than 100 new features to its ERP/CRM products, plus introducing a new AI for Sales app.

6- Microsoft says Teams is now at ‘feature parity’ with Skype for Business Online

Microsoft’s plan to ultimately replace its Skype for Business Online communications service with Microsoft Teams has achieved a key milestone, company officials say.

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