Hi guys, as my  promise to you all about the next topic, I will show you how to transfer the default Azure subscription to Azure AD account.

In this scenario, for example: we have a default email account to register to Azure such as : xxx@outlook.com , but after that, we have our owned domain such as : toidilencloud.com. And we need to use admin@toidilencloud.com as primary subscription instead of xxx@outlook.com (but you still need to keep this account as backup subscription as needed).

In this lab, I just share you all my temporary account and subscription, so you all can have a clear picture before and after.

Here is before we change, all default account and subscription are under my temporary account ( xxx@outlook.com)

We will not repeat all steps of the former topic so after all domain synchronization steps. Now we have 2 admin account : xxx@outlook.com and admin@toidilencloud.com( this is just a normal account without subscription at moment) :

We need the customized domain as the primary, so just select it as following:


Click “Yes” to confirm and wait for being updated. Then after that, you can see:


Ok now the subscription is still not transferred to your customized domain yet. So we need to do some more steps.

Now we have to create a new admin user on Azure AD. Go to “Azure Active Directory” , “All Users”, “New user”

Now we have new admin account:

Note : you need to reset the temporary password, it will require to change password for the next sign on.

 Now, go to your Subscriptions page in Azure portal to move the subscription as my instructions :

Go to “Access Control (IAM)”, then click “ Add” , this step to create a new directory and add your Azure AD account to own the access permission to the directory

Ok , add the user you want to manage the subscription then “Save “ it as :

Note : you can assign this user as co-administrator :

And don’t forget “Yes” to confirm. And finally, you can see:

Finally, the result is following, the subscription is transferred to the Azure AD account.

You can try to log on by Azure AD account ( admin@toidilencloud.com ) and see :

So now you are done the association the default account to Azure AD account by your customized domain.

See you soon next topic How to synchronize On-Premise AD user to Azure AD .


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